Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hadda Be Streamed Over Spotify

My European soverign-debt crisis reimagining of Alan Ginsberg's epic and visceral poem Hadda Be Playin' On The Jukebox. Enjoy!

Hadda Be Streamed Over Spotify

It had to be promulgated by the Daily Mail
It had to be recorded on Sky+
It had to be derided on Top Gear
It had to be played on your smartphone
Goldman Sachs & the IMF are in Cahoots

It had to be written in text speak
It had to be rerecorded for a US audience
Obama stretched & smiled & got double-crossed by House and Senate Republicans
Rich bankers with zero accountability
Money launderers in ECB working with money launderers from UK working with Wall Street syndicates Downtown New York

It had to be searchable on Google
It had to be endorsed by the record company
It had to be written in one hundred and forty characters or less
It had to be formatted for mobile
It had to be kettled in the park where students were protesting
It had to be read by politicians to TV cameras in working class areas
It had to be available as an app
It had to work as an emoticon
It had to raise the fees for a University education
It had to be written in blog posts, unattributed
It had to be on the frontpage of the Huffington Post
It had to be watched on Fox News
It had to be shouted out loud on in-store radio
It had to be uploaded to YouTube
It had to be iPhone ringing, Reality stars stop dead in the middle of a scene in New Jersey
It had to be novelist philosopher Ayn Rand & Alan Greenspan Chairman of the Federal Reserve meeting in East 36th Street N.Y. together Saturdays since the 50’s reported posthumously VICE magazine

It had to be the IMF & Goldman Sachs together
Started War on Greek insolvency & Spanish housing debt crisis headlines
It had to be Credit Ratings Agencies & the IMF
Sold all that austerity in Europe
It had to be ECB & Conservative Politicians working together in Cahoots "against the Socialists"
Kept Silvio Berlusconi out of Jail economising Sicily Mediterranean drug trade
It had to be Goldman goons and Lucas Papademos’ concealing spiralling national debt credit default swap index
It had to be ringing on Cayman Island Cash registers
World-wide laundry for off-shore Corporate money
It had to be IMF & Goldman Sachs & ECB together
Bigger than Europe, bigger than Law.
It had to be a stamped boot full of profit
It had to be secrets and lies a solid mass of greed
It had to be a cold black heart, a glint in the corner of an eye
It had to be in Draghi’s brain
It had to be in Monti's mouth
It had to be sanctioned by America
Wall Street "conservatism" the IMF Goldman Sachs off-shore money ECB Credit Ratings Agencies & Multinational Corporations
One big set of Corporate gangs working together in Cahoots
Hedge Fund banksters everywhere unmoderated, on the make
Greed drunk
Filthy Rich

On top of a Slag heap of countries, Economic Cancer, financial smog, garbage cities, grandas' pensions, Fathers' resentments
It had to be the One Percent wanted money and power and they got everything
Wanted redefined status quo, wanted Ireland, wanted austerity
Wanted Spanish unemployment
Wanted technocracies in Greece and Italy

It had to be IMF & Goldman Sachs & the ECB
Multinational Capitalists' privatised public services, "Private security Agencies for the One Percent"
And their Funds, Debts and Futures Commodities Trading.
It had to be Capitalism the Vortex of this debt, provoke competition man to man, libraries closed in poor areas, London burns & rumbles, Hedge Funds, austerity cuts across oceans, impoverishing Mediterraneans, bail out the debt then Wall Street Traders pillage all over again
Greece's ancient democracy bumped off with IMF promises & praises, a warning to European governments

Politicians embraced for decades
The Federal Reserve & ECB keep each other’s secrets
Goldman Sachs & Standard and Poor’s never hit their own
Wall Street & IMF one mind-brute force
World-wide, and full of money

It had to be greed, It had to be unaccountable, It had to be endorsed at the highest levels
It had to impoverish in Greece 9,000,000
It had to impoverish in Spain 47,000,000
It had to impoverish in Portugal
It had to impoverish in Italy
It had to impoverish in Ireland

And It had to impoverish in the United Kingdom